SACS welcomes contributions which challenge, interrogate and generate dialogue informed by theoretical perspectives which further understanding of, and engagement with, South Asian culture in the postcolonial period. SACS also encourages relevant artistic contributions in the form of novel extracts, poetry, exhibition notes, which address the concerns of the journal.Commentaries, book and film reviews alongwith conference reports will also form animportant part of the journal.

Submission of manuscripts: Authors should send three identical copies (each fully numbered and typed in double spacing throughout, on one side only of A4) and adisk version (IBM-compatible or Mac) Cover Letter: Indicate in the cover letter accompanying an article that all authors have agreed to the submission and that themanuscript is not currently being considered for publication by another journal. Each manuscript should contain: Title pages with full title and subtitle (if any). Forthe purpose of blind refereeing, full name ofeach author with current affiliation and fullcontact details plus short biographical notes hould be supplied on a separate sheet. Abstract should not exceed 100-150 words. Articles should be approx 4000-6000words, excluding references. Text should be clearly organized, with a logical hierarchy of headings and subheadings,and quotations exceeding 40 words should be displayed and indented in the text. End notes, if superscript numbers in the main text should signal as necessary, and be listed at the end of the text before the references. References should follow Harvard style whereby references are cited in the text by author and date with a full alphabetical listing at the end of the article. Book reviews should be approx 500-1000 words.

Editorial correspondence, including submissions should be sent to:

Dr. Tasleem Shakur FRSA, Edge Hill University, St. Helens Road, Ormskirk, Lancashire, L39 4QP, U.K. Email: Tel: (+44)(0)1695 584551 Tel/Fax: (+44)(0)1695 584573